Here's a selection of questions that you may have about my coaching service. If your question isn't featured just call, text or mail me and I'll aim to answer your query as soon as possible.

Can I use a coach if I don't have a problem?

Yes! Definitely!

A coach will help you to assess where you want to go in life and consider how you'll get there.  You may feel a bit stuck, frustrated or confused and want to work out what to do.  But equally you may be happy and want to maintain that equilibrium by talking through what's happening in life and identifying what you'd like to develop further.

What's the difference between a mentor and a coach?

A mentor is someone who's experienced in an area of life that you want to develop in your own life. A mentor can be someone who's more experienced in their career so he/she can advise you about specific details of career development. Or a mentor can be someone who's just a step ahead of you in life and can give you some nuggets of wisdom based on their own experience.

A coach comes to the conversation with no agenda, no suggestions and no answers but a plethora of questions!  A coach's job is to ask questions that you haven't thought to ask yourself and to listen intently as you search for the answer so that further questions can help you to refine the process and discover a solution which is unique to your situation.

Isn't coaching just the same as chatting to a friend?

In some ways yes in that we sit down to talk but the dynamics are very different because:

1 We're meeting for the sole purpose of talking about anything that you want to explore, nothing more.

2 I don't come to the conversation with baggage, I have no preconceived ideas of who you are and how you deal with different situations.

3 I don't have the answer so I won't come to the conversation with that assumption and won't jump in with my suggestions of what you should do.


How long will a coaching session last and how many will I need?

Each coaching session will last 45 minutes whether it's held face-to-face or online/via mobile.

I stipulate a minimum of 6 classes as experience has taught me that less than this doesn't allow for thorough exploration  and resolution of what's happening in your life.  Committing to this number of sessions also sends a loud message to yourself,

"I recognise my worth and I'm spending time, money and effort on developing myself further."

Which people particularly benefit from coaching?

While coaching can be helpful for anyone who wants to ensure that they're achieving a 10 in every area of their lives there are specific people for whom coaching is particularly helpful.

Young adults who are perplexed about the many choices available to them at such a young age can benefit from a coach whose remit is to listen with intent rather than advise.

Graduates who have been on the education treadmill for as long as they can remember and now want to consider their options regarding career, friendships and relationships.

Professionals who want to talk about the work that they're currently doing and the people that they currently share their lives with, to consider how their career or relationships could develop or diverge.

Professionals returning to work after childbirth, sickness or bereavement who want to consider how life will develop and progress after a major transition in their lives.

Retirees who would like to assess how their skills and experience can be used in unpaid work and what they'd like to develop in their lives now.

Leaders who can feel alone or over-burdened with decisions they have to make.  Leaders often value "quality thinking time" with incisive questions to elucidate their own answers.


Do you work with corporate groups?

I have worked with small groups and individuals within businesses with great feedback.  I don't believe that forcing employees to be coached is a beneficial use of company money and the coachee's time.   However, I've also found that successful executive coaching can occur with individuals who wouldn't necessarily have looked for this form of support.

Please get in touch to discuss the specific needs of your company/team.


Why Elements?

I'm in awe of the design aspects of nature, where each component works so beautifully together.  The power of nature can be seen in the scale of natural "disasters" but also the detail of the work of a bee. is built upon the belief that every detail matters, every aspect of our conversation holds an opportunity to explore new options.  Every action will feel natural, not necessarily easy, and right for you in this moment.