My aim?

To create a moment of calm in your life, a place where good decisions can be made.

My experience

Hi, I'm Karen, I've worked in healthcare and set up my own fashion tech company. I've studied social anthropology and I'm currently studying for an MA in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.   But the common thread that pulls all of these experiences together?  A lifelong desire to understand and support people.

I studied courses such as counselling and life coaching before becoming a trained Neuro Linguistic practitioner and these experiences showed me that coaching skills can be greatly improved through learning and practice.

After I developed a colour classification system ( ) I worked with customers on a one-to-one basis as they developed both personal and business aspects of their lives. I saw that what we believe about ourselves and our experiences is more powerful than rational facts.  The story of our lives is just that, a story that we choose to tell ourselves, and we can choose to tell it however we like.

My own business experience in setting up a company, my personal experiences in sharing life with my husband and three children and my own experience of being coached by Lynne and Lee have all been part of the journey towards my work as a coach.

How you can benefit...

Coaching always deals with the present moment with a focus on what you want to do next.  Contact me now to explore the development of any area of your life using the simple method.